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Maintenance Cases: Expert Legal Assistance in Chennai

ADVOCATES FOR MAINTENANCE CASE in Chennai Tamil Nadu India | Divorce Lawyers
Best Advocates Divorce Lawyers » Legal Services » Maintenance Cases: Expert Legal Assistance in Chennai

Maintenance cases are one of the most common legal issues that arise in family law matters. Maintenance refers to the financial support that one spouse provides to the other spouse or to their children after a divorce or separation. It is a legal obligation and can be enforced through court orders. If you are going through a maintenance case, you need expert legal assistance to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive a fair outcome. This is where Buddha Family Court Law Firm comes in – with years of experience in handling family law matters, our team of skilled lawyers can provide you with the necessary guidance and representation to effectively handle your maintenance case.

In this article, we will discuss the legal implications, procedure, and other important aspects related to maintenance cases in India, and how Buddha Family Court Law Firm can assist you in achieving a favourable outcome.


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Maintenance under Section 125 of the CrPC, 1973

Introduction: The idea of ‘maintenance’ in India works both under Section 125 of the CrPC, 1973, and individual laws. This idea further originates from Article 15(3) fortified by Article. Under Indian law, the term ‘maintenance’ gives a privilege to food, garments, and asylum. Along with these, she will be accessible to the spouse, kids, and guardians.

Divorce Lawyers for Maintenance under Section 125 of the CrPC, 1973

What is the object of maintenance?

It is a proportion of social equity and a result of the common obligation of a man. He must keep up with his better half, kids and guardians when they can’t keep up themselves. What is the object of maintenance? It is to forestall unethical behaviour & dejection. And also to enhance the financial state of ladies and kids.

Maintenance can be under the individual laws of individuals too following various religions. Those will be in proceedings under such close to home laws are civil Proceedings. It started under Section 125 be that as it may, are criminal proceedings. And, in contrast to the individual laws, are of an outline nature.

It applies to everybody paying little heed to rank, statement of faith, or religion.


 The object isn’t to rebuff an individual for his past disregard. The said arrangement has been instituted to forestall vagrancy by convincing the individuals. who can offer help to individuals who can’t bolster themselves and have an ethical case to help. Maintenance can be guaranteed either at the break stage. ie, during the pendency of proceedings, or the last stage.

Procedure for filing the maintenance petition

Stage 1

The Petition contains the realities of the case, expressing the circumstances. On which the wife tries to guarantee maintenance all personal subtleties are documented. Under the steady gaze of the family courts.

Stage 2

Family Court examines the petition and issues notice to the husband. Against whom the petition has been documented by the wife.

Stage 3

The Parties are coordinated to show up under the steady gaze of the court for compromise. In the entirety of the cases, the endeavours by the court are made to accommodate them from the start.

Stage 4

If the compromise proceedings are directed by the family court. end fruitful then the issue stands settled. On the off chance that the compromise proceedings end in disappointment. At that point, the family court continues with the petition on merits.

The Family Court guides the contrary party to record the answer to the petition. Expressing realities which he/she concedes or denies in the petition. The Courts may likewise request to document their itemized pay statement. so it can gather the limits and liabilities of the parties.

Stage 5

 The Petitioner is coordinated to record his reply. to the answer documented by the contrary party. The application for between-time maintenance is chosen by the court at this phase of the case.

Stage 6

The Court outlines the issues for settling and the issue will be in the proceedings for proof of the parties.

Stage 7

The petitioner will be in the work in progress to prompt lead its proof. By the method of recording the pertinent reports, and papers. and by summoning every one of its observers.

Stage 8

 The respondent can approach to lead its proof By the method of recording the pertinent archives, and papers. and by summoning every one of its observers.

Stage 9

 The last contentions in the issue will be on hold and the issue will be in the choice of the Court.

Stage 10

The court at long last passes the order. It might either excuse the petition or permit the petition. And direct the other party to pay the sum as coordinated by the court month to month.

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Contact Top Divorce Lawyers for Maintenance Cases in Chennai Tamil Nadu India

Call or Whatsapp: +91-9444014096 to contact Top Divorce Lawyers for Maintenance Cases in Chennai Tamil Nadu India

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is qualified to get maintenance?

Maintenance can be for Children, Single daughters, guardians, and lawfully Wife. This does not include women in relationships, ill-conceived kids, and so on. In specific cases under close to domestic law. Above all, The Indian courts embrace a permissive view. And concede the husband the option to get maintenance. Such right, notwithstanding, is contingent and ordinarily given upon the husband. Just if he cripples because of some mishap. Finally, The disease and rendered unequipped for winning an occupation.
The cure under Section 125 is fast and economical. when contrasted with individual laws. An individual will qualify for maintenance under Section 125. despite having an order under the appropriate individual law.

2. What Quantum of maintenance?

Maintenance covers not only food, attire, and asylum. Yet also incorporates various needs. The quantum and kind of needs that are inside the extent of maintenance may shift contingent upon the status, Wealth status. And various wards, and so on and is at the attentiveness of the court. Before passing an order under Section 125. The court takes the perception of the measure of maintenance order as per the individual law. The thinking depends on the reason that the wife qualifies to live as per the norm and the status of her husband.

3. What is the procedure for guaranteeing maintenance for a wife and her youngster in India?

Maintenance is the monetary help that a husband needs to pay to his wife when she can’t continue all alone. This is during the separation proceedings as post-separate. The husband must pay the Sustenance either on a month-to-month premise or in a single amount. This must be with the goal that the wife can profit from the basic luxuries of life. For example, food, attire, cover, and so forth.

The idea of maintaining

The idea of Upkeep targets returning the wife to a similar situation of solace. And way of life as she was when her marriage existed. There is no fixed measure of maintenance that the husband has an obligation to pay to his wife. And it is upon the carefulness of a family court to fix the measure of maintenance. That the husband needs to pay either on a month-to-month premise or in the type of a single amount.
A Divorce Lawyer in India must be an Advocate with Bar Council enrollment. Then only they can record or shield a maintenance petition in India. This is in spite of a separation request and other lawful conventions. The maintaining privileges of a lady will be as per the individual laws pertaining to her. Here, the maintenance rules contrast under Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Parsi laws.

4. Is it true that you Entitle to Claim Litigation Expenses?

You as a candidate may need to hold up under prosecution costs. That was in the progress during the pendency of such an application for maintenance. Likewise, You can get an order of prosecution costs. In support of yourself in the event that you qualify for maintaining. And against the individual who is at risk to pay the between-time maintenance. With the end goal of evading any burden to the inquirer. The law gives that application to between-time maintenance. The discarding of costs for proceeding will be within 60 days from the date.

5. How to Alter or change the Order of Maintenance?

At whatever point there is a change in the conditions of any individual. They can either accept or pay such month to month to recompense for maintenance or break it. The magistrate may make such a change, as he might suspect fitness. Once in a while, parties will have to face disputes on the civil side also. The choice of prosecution on the civil side may likewise call for change or vary in the order of maintenance. In fact, Where it appears to the Magistrate that in the outcome of any choice of a Civil Court.

Any order of maintenance case ought to be in the withdrawal stage or differ, he must drop the order or change the equation. For instance, where your wife is in a Legal separation from you and she has got the entirety. Of course, They are payable under any standard or individual law on such separation, Magistrate may drop such order of maintenance.

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